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Additive Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

Born as a technology for rapid prototyping, today 3D printing finds new applications in the production field to give life to a new and revolutionary process: Additive Manufacturing. It’s a key component of the Industry 4.0 process and it makes production faster and cheaper.

3D printing machines satisfy different working needs, from the three-dimensional acquisition of the surfaces of a physical object to the creation of its CAD model. These machines are suitable even if the object is a prototype of a product rather than a final part or equipment to be used in production. The three-dimensional digital model is processed by the 3D printer control software that divides it into layers and guides the construction of the object.

A multifaceted product

3D printing is evolving fast and is revolutionizing the production and design processes of many industries. 3D printers are able to quickly reproduce objects from a real prototype, providing detailed, functional and structural information on design and engineering projects.

There are many professionals and companies that benefit from 3D printing, such as engineers, architects, designers, researchers and doctors who use 3D printers for fast production of ready-to-use parts, reducing costs and working time.

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3D printing applied to the medical world

Through 3D printers, specialized software and adequate training, it support  the development of a new medicine, built on the needs of every individual patient.

Doctors and researchers use 3D printing to replicate the appearance and texture of bones, organs, and tissues in order to achieve less invasive procedures and improve diagnosis and surgical planning.

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