3D scanning and metrology systems for industrial applications

3D Scanning and Metrology Solutions

Hexagon is a global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies whose products allow users to measure and position objects, process and visualize results.

The tools for industrial metrology applications, based on a 3D scanning system, allow you to import PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) into metrological software to reduce programming times, with a consequent reduction in design and validation times. as SMEs are available directly within the 3D drawing.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Hexagon offers the tools to control production processes, improving product quality and increasing plant efficiency, such as 3D scanners and industrial metrology systems. Hexagon 3D scanning devices are an efficient solution for quality control in the additive manufacturing flow of final parts.

The range of instrumentation includes both portable equipment to be used in the field and fixed systems for the acquisition of even complex geometries through 3D scanning or for the dimensional verification of a model.


From the real world to the 3D digital model

3D scanning with Hexagon instrumentation allows to acquire the geometry of objects of any size and to obtain the 3D digital model through reverse engineering.

The 3D model can be modified with CAD software and become a new physical object made with a professional 3D printer in a wide range of materials, giving life to an agile and efficient process.

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