3D process is not only innovative, it has a green and sustainable heart

Innovation, respect and integrity

Respect, Integrity and Innovation are the foundation of SolidWorld Middle East. Our way of acting reflects these values and urges us to persevere in our commitment and keep our promises to have a positive impact on businesses and the planet. We are committed to promoting and supporting innovation in the design and production departments of the most modern Italian production companies and we do so in a sustainable perspective.

Reduce the use of raw material and improve its disposal

Developing a new product today, means designing it with a view to a circular economy, evaluating not only its entire life cycle but also its final disposal. For us, digital factory is synonymous with modernity, efficiency and sustainability. Always attentive to the environment, we seek sustainability right from the design stage of a product.

Today, developing a new product means thinking about it from the perspective of a circular economy, evaluating not only the entire life cycle, but also the final disposal. 


Sustainable Future

In SolidWorld Middle East we approach sustainability as a process of transformation that goes beyond the green transition to include society, companies and people. Market is changing and pushes us to look for new solutions to aggregate information, become more efficient, accurately evaluate the performance of the product and establish, from the outset, all the stages of its life cycle. 

Because for us, the digital factory, it stands for both modernity and efficiency, and sustainability. We create the factory of the future.

Our Green Initiatives

Create a product already thinking about its disposal

Our aim is to speed up the production process, to make it as functional and efficient as possible, with a view to eco-sustainability.