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Fast, versatile and with high performance, peel 3d is the latest generation 3D scanner capable of handling all applications in different sectors, such as heritage and art conservation, product design, healthcare, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, education and digital content.

peel 3d scanner features


Ultra ergonomic handle

The unique multi-grip triangular handle has been designed to be comfortable in the most common 3D scanning positions. peel 3d uses sound and vibration to guide you as it scans in tight, hard-to-see places.


Glossy LCD screen

This intuitive, multifunctional touchscreen offers a whole new way to interact with your peel 3d scanner. It can also be used as a distance meter to scan without looking at your computer.


Simplified software

peel 3 comes with peel.OS, a highly simplified and intuitive data acquisition software that allows you to process, clean, align, enhance and export your 3D scan data.

Why choose peel 3d scanners?​

peel 3d scanners are professional, precise, fast and easy to use solutions. Ask for more information!


AR, VR and digital contents

peel 3d portable scanners allow you to create ultra-realistic renderings, as they are able to capture all the intricate details from physical objects and transform them into incredibly real 3D objects.

3D scanning opens up a world of possibilities! With peel 3d scanners you can recreate highly accurate digital 3D models of any physical object. You can save a lot of time by 3D scanning objects to optimize their designs, reverse engineer them, archive data, conduct research and so much more!

Immerse users and customers in new universes with peel 3d scanners for AR, VR and digital content.


Healthcare sector

The healthcare professions are capitalizing on the huge opportunity that 3D scanning can provide for mobility assistance, orthotics and so much more.

Thanks to the peel 3d scanner you can improve the results and the comfort of the patients. For example, you can easily create comfortable compression garments, plan surgical procedures and perform before/after comparisons with 3D scanning, design custom orthotics and prostheses, and improve patient mobility with the ability to customize devices.

Conservation of heritage and art

With 3d peel scanners you will be able to achieve the level of painstaking detail and realism to transform any object into 3D models for research, archiving and more.

Protecting precious artefacts and cultural objects, restoring damaged works of art, replicating archaeological and artistic objects and reproducing an existing object on a different scale will be much easier and faster thanks to peel 3d scanners.


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the new generation of 3D scanners

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Discover the advantages of using a latest generation 3D scanner:

  • Modern design
  • Easy to use and learn
  • High fidelity items
  • Digital archiving
  • Convert handmade items to digital


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