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A 3D Digital World

Solidworld Middle East supports your business in the technological process of product development through the following integrated solutions: 3D Scanning, and 3D Printing. Our mission is to offer the most modern hardware and software technologies connected to Industry 4.0, alongside assistance and continuous training. At the heart of SolidWorld Middle East is the concept of three-dimensionality in all the solutions used for the phases of ideation, forecasting, reverse engineering, prototyping, industrialization, quality control, 3d printing and customized production. What sets us apart is the ability to provide an integrated system that covers all stages with technologies that dialogue with each other.

Think, build and print:
3D Digital process is green

We promote and support innovation in a sustainable way. Developing a new product today, means designing it with a view to a circular economy, evaluating not only its entire life cycle but also its final disposal. For us, digital factory is synonymous with modernity, efficiency and sustainability.

Stampa 3D
3D Printing
Scansione 3D
3D Scanning

Our Mission and Vision

We help companies to become digital factories. Our technologies completely assist the most modern industrial products: prototyping and production. All the production phases of a product, up to sales and its recycling, are fully integrated in order to make the production process faster and more efficient.