Group Overview

All the innovation of the 3D world gathered in a group

An integrated and sustainable 3D digital process from the industrial to the medical field

SolidWorld GROUP is one of the largest Italian group for 3D digital innovation. Thanks to the best digital 3D technologies, software and hardware, the group can provide integrated and interconnected systems, it offers modern and complete technologies of the Industry 4.0 to support and accelerate the transition of traditional companies to the digital factory. 

Three-dimensionality is the key concept applied in all solution the group provide, starting from the phase of conception, design, reverse engineering, prototyping to industrialization, quality control, mechanical processing, 3D printing, custom manufacturing and small series production. Today, SolidWorld GROUP continues to make a difference and confirm itself as a leading company, offering advanced technologies and innovations that will revolutionize surgery in the next future.

Think, eco-design, build and print:
3D Digital process is green

Connectivity is the pillar of Industry 4.0 and SolidWorld GROUP is the main Italian player able to provide the best integrated solution through 3D modeling software, scanning systems and virtual reconstruction, 3D printers, additive manufacturing services and all the technologies needed to implement innovative processes. Today, create a new product means thinking about it from the perspective of a circular economy, evaluating not only the entire life cycle, but also the final disposal.

Design 3D
3D Advanced Design
Stampa 3D
3D Printing
Scansione 3D
3D Scanning

Our Mission

Our aim is to speed up the production process, to make it as functional and efficient as possible, with a view to eco-sustainability.

We create the Factory of the Future

Because for us the Digital Factory means modernity, efficiency and sustainability.

Our strengths


Integrated portfolio

The Group shall provide:

  • software, both third-party (Certified Partner of SOLIDWORKS, three-dimensional design and parametric software developed by Dassault Systèmes) and proprietary (INTEGR@);
  • hardware, including 3D printers (Authorized Reseller Stratasys, one of the industry leaders), 3D scanners and 3D measuring arms;
  • service, through the activity of additive manufacturing with 3D printers, through a process of stratification starting from digital models realized through 3D CAD design software.

Customer support

The Group supports its customers by implementing the best digital CAD, CAM, PLM, 3D Print, 3D Scan, Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering technology, providing assistance, professional advice and training in the use of the proposed solutions.


Maximum flexibility

From a software point of view, SolidWorld GROUP wants to offer maximum flexibility to the customer: the proposed solutions can be installed both on premise (on the PC) and in the cloud, with saleable licenses in the form of term license (annual or quarterly term), which outright with a contract of sale (Subscription Initial) and an update that also entitles to add-on services (Subscription Renewal).


Growing market

Additive Manufacturing in one of the reference market of SolidWorld GROUP: additive printing in recent years has made giant strides in the business world, so much so that today, it is in 81% of manufacturing companies and more and more industries in which it is applied. According to estimates, this market is expected to grow strongly in the coming years (CAGR 18% to 2029), which should reach in 2029 the value of 53.8 B$.

Our certifications

SolidWorld GROUP is “Authorized Reseller SOLIDWORKS” for Italy and “Certified Training and Support Provider”, a certification that attests to the quality of the service and facilities offered for training and customer service. The Group is Stratasys Certified Resellers too, for the full range of Stratasys Rapid Prototyping and Production 3D Printers and Stratasys Training Centers for Italy.  

Initiatives and projects

SolidWorld GROUP loves innovation, challenges and competition, for this reason for years has enthusiastically supported some projects both in the field of sports and in research aimed at technological innovation. 

Loyalty, tradition and commitment are principles that all SolidWorld GROUP companies share and support every day.


The Group

The goal we set ourselves is to speed up the production process, to make it as functional and efficient as possible, with a view to sustainability.